The future of Europe in a world of uncertainties

“Global trends and increasing uncertainties”

·        New features of the globalization process;

·        Perspectives for the world economy;

·        The outlook for world commodity markets;

·        The integration of monetary and financial markets;

·        International labour migration flows.

Position of the EU and its member states in the world economy

·        Competitiveness in international goods and services markets;

·        Attractiveness for foreign direct investment;

·        The future role of the euro;

·        Causes and consequences of labour migration;

·        Globalisation and the catching-up process within the EU.

Policies in the EU in response to increasing uncertainties

·        R&D and innovation;

·        Functioning of labour markets;

·        Completion of the single market;

·        Challenges posed by population ageing;

·        The role of the EU in coordinating national policies;

·        The adaptation of the European social model.